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2017 School Website Design Trends to Consider

It doesn’t matter if you are charge of an elementary school or a top tier private school, you will need a website that keeps the students glued or proud whilst delivering seamless functionality to every stakeholder involved in making the school successful. While in the past designing a website meant spending a fortune, things have got easier and cheaper. All you need is an ideal idea about what you would like on your site. Here are some of the things that must go into you school website design.

Use some videos

Adding video to the website, make it your home page or other inner pages will add value to the website. In addition, this is an excellent design trend in this year. It will give you a way to deliver more information to the visitors in an easy to accommodate format hence increase your conversions. Videos will be an ideal way to present the school and its departments to your customers.

Don’t use too much text

Thin out the wording and stick to the bare minimums. If you have to write, make certain that you use right to the point paragraphs which augment the pictures or the movies. A good deal of articles may be beneficial for your SEO but it will not be quite as attractive to prospective visitors that are keener on obtaining information about your college or enrolling for something.

Get an interesting font

Typography is currently a brilliant way to establish a brand image thanks to the many fonts from Google fonts. You can choose a unique font that reflects your school’s theme and use it all across the website to establish a pattern all visitors will learn to expect. A playful font will do good to get an elementary school as you are addressing a younger viewer. A semi-formal font will be better in a high school setting.

3D designs aren’t so fashionable

Three-dimensional designs were and are still popular. However, they are sometimes too involving and can easily be substituted by a great video. Stick to a flat web design. Let your readers focus on obtaining the information without drawing their attention away. Flat designs are not just the in thing today but also great at converting visitors into sales before they lose interest.

Exploit grid design concepts

The grid design lets you feed more information to the reader at a time. A few squares or rectangles can stand for grades, courses or clubs with links to pages describing more about that info. This is going to be a fast method to exhibit more summarized information to your reader without forcing them to scroll.

Choosing a fantastic college is hectic. No student would like to spend the entire weekend surfing the college site seeking to submit a mission. Your best shot at making it more efficient lies in making the website modern, simple and as convenient as possible.

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